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photo-ready face

On set or in studio, cover or commercial, I've had the pleasure of incorporating my artistry to propel the vision of countless creative directors, photographers, and artists. 

While so much has changed since I booked my first job, well over a decade ago, the one constant in the world of fashion and editorial photography is the expectation of expertise and efficiency on set. 


My technique has refined with each passing trend, and my knack for natural, camera-ready skin has awarded me everything from Emmy nominations to lifelong clients!

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Laura Vandervoort

photo credit: Robert Sebree



Aaron Farley

Alex Freund

Alex Prager

Amanda Friedman

Andrew Macpherson

Anthony Elgort

Art Streiber

Barry Harris

Bob Scott

Brent Humphreys

Caroline Greyshock

Chris Fanning

Christian Lucidi

Collin Stark

Corina Marie Howell

Dale Berman

Daniel Hennessy

Darren Tieste

David Jensen

David La Chapelle

David Lauridsen

David Miezal

David Roemer

David Tsay

Deborah Wald

Emily Shur

Gavin Bond

Giuliano Bekor

Gregg Segal

Jeff Lipsky

Jeff Minton

Joe Hill

Joey Terrel

Jonathan Skow

Joseph Montezino

Joe Schmelzer

Justin Stephens

Kwaku Alston

Larissa Underwood

Larsen & Talbert

Marc Royce

Mark Humphrey

Melissa Rodwell

Meredith Jenks

Michelle Laurita

Nick Horne

Pamela Littky

Patrick Fraser

Philip Andelman

Rena Durham

Rebecca Murray

Reggie Cassagrande

Robert Sebree


Steve Lumb

Todd Williamson

Torkil Goodnason

Zack Lipp

Alfanso Cuaron

Barbara Kopple

Cecilia Peck

David Zucker

Gary Marshall

Guillaume Canet

Jay Chandrasekhar

Jay Roach

John Wells

Joss Wheden

Judd Apatow

Lorenzo Dibonaventura

Susan Stroman

Zack Snyder

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